Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sometimes food can be found in the most unlikely places, for instance, the finish line at the Indianapolis 500. For years now champions of this iconic race have been rewarded with flowers, trophies and the ceremonial chugging of a bottle of milk. Why milk?

It all began in the 1933 when Louis Meyer requested a glass of buttermilk after his second Indy 500 win. After his thrid win in 1936 he requested a bottle and was caught on camera holding up three fingers to signify his third win.  Upon seeing the picture in the local paper, dairy executives decided to capitalize on this huge marketing opportunity and made a bottle of milk the official celebratory drink greeting winners of the Indy 500 at the finish line.

From what we understand the tradition has evolved to allow champions to request the milk of their choice: whole, 2%, skim or buttermilk.  No word on whether or not non-dairy options like soy, almond or coconut are available.

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