Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not "Pancakes with the President," not "Meals with Mr. President," not "Fois Gras with the Leader of the Free World" or "Culinary Adventures with the Commander-in-Chief," nope just plain ol' "Dinner with Barack."

When it comes to thinking outside the typical campaign trail box Barack Obama's staff certainly aren't afraid to push the limits. Their latest endeavor of raffling off "Dinner with Barack" is an inspired way of raising funds while making the President of the United States available to his citizens through the everyday tradition of bonding over the evening meal.

Many families mandate that dinner time be an opportunity to reconnect with one another after a long day apart. Family dinner has become a way of people getting to know ourselves, parents getting to know their children and bonds being forged over passing the biscuits. To share this precious time with someone as influential as your nation's President is an intimate and vulnerable opportunity to be heard.

We salute President Obama and his staff for making dinner a forum for liberty, justice and the pursuit of an everyday American perspective.




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