Monday, May 7, 2012

We've all been there, that 2:30 PM wall that can only be broken down with something sweet, sugary and caffeinated.  We've already had our morning cup of coffee, we're avoiding sweets in an effort to lose weight, and chips and savory snacks just won't do. What's left? How about an icy, afternoon variation on that original morning cup o' Joe?

International Delights, the makers of many decadently flavored coffee creamers has brought afternoon iced coffees into your reach with their latest line of this pre-made beverage. No longer do you need to find an excuse to make a run to the local coffee shop. Just add a quart of this to your fridge and you'll be set for a week on a sweet, icy, afternoon pick me up!

Be sure to put your name on it! We don't want anyone else stealing your secret to the 2:30 PM doldrums.



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