Friday, February 10, 2012

Most Valentines will spend the evening of February 14th wrapped around a small, intimate, dimly lit table at one of their local "fancy" restaurants.  They'll look deeply into each other's eyes reminiscing about the many fond memories they have of their relationship, or perhaps making new memories in a relationship that has yet to fully blossom. They'll splurge on wine, decadent main courses and extravagant desserts, and they'll top the evening off with a bill that's sure to deflate any romance.

The average couple spends $120 on their Valentine's Day meal which ends up counteracting the intended romance of the evening by causing even more stress on a day that's based purely on performance. Not necessarily performance in the bedroom, although that's typically on the docket, but performance in proving just how important their significant other is to them.

Yumology has a better idea - instead of showing your Valentine love and devotion through whipping out your VISA card, take the time to do the work yourself, throw on an apron and get cooking! Studies show that men who cook for Valentine's Day are typically happier in their relationships and these relationships are built on strong mutual respect for each partner.

If you're a novice in the kitchen and the idea of browning butter and marinating steak is a foreign concept, all the better! Exiting your comfort zone and taking on a challenge in the name of love is one of the most romantic things a guy can do. The 1800s had dueling pistols and sword fights, we've got husbands v. the Cuisinart, just as exciting with the same potential for a tragic outcome.

Here are a few helpful tips to get you started as you prepare your Valentine's Day meal.

1.  Keep it Sexy but Keep it Light.
Think about something fellas, when was the last time your lady felt like crawling between the sheets right after downing a huge tray of pasta or a cheesy bean burrito? If you want to make it to the Valentine's Day Mamba you'll avoid heavy, greasy foods. Nothing fried, as few carbs as possible and small portions. Remember if you work up an appetite later that's what leftovers are for, so be sure to store some in the fridge.

2.  Spices to a Minimum
The results from cooking with too much garlic, onion or spice can be disastrous on any evening , let alone on Valentine's Day. Nothing kills romance faster than funky breath or, even worse, funky butt! Keep the exotic flavors to a minimum, you'll thank us later!

3.  Steer Clear of Beer
We know that beer is the go-to brew for many boys nights out, but this is Valentine's Day - class it up! There's something insanely sexy about a bottle and glass of wine. Make your lady feel special, sophisticated and sexy by picking out the perfect wine to accompany your meal. Wine is also an aphrodisiac, guaranteed to break the ice and warm up the sheets!

4. Speaking of Aphrodisiacs
Throw a few into the menu! So many of nature's bounties have been used to encourage fertility and sexual stimuli: Oysters, Chocolate, Anise Seeds, Avocado, Saffron, Basil, Nutmeg, Honey, Truffles and Red Pepper Flakes (keep to minimum though - remember #2) are all at your disposal to make the most of. Red meat is also thought to have sexual stimulants within it, so throw a steak on the grill, whip up some basil butter and an avocado salad. End the night with a dark chocolate dessert and watch the magic unfold.

5.  It's the Thought that Counts
At the end of the day if you and your kitchen just can't get along the fact that you even attempted such a monumental expression of love will be enough. Keep some take out and a box of dark chocolates on hand just in case.

Go get 'em boys!



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