Monday, February 13, 2012

Intoxicate your Valentine this year with a few of our favorite Love Potion recipes below:
Death In The Afternoon Cocktail
Love in the Afternoon: A Yumology variation on the famed Death In The Afternoon, we've sweetened this drink up a bit by adding a splash of grenadine. Made up of two alcoholic aphrodisiacs (1.5 oz absinthe and 4.5 oz champagne + splash of grenadine) this is a great drink to get the evening off to a fun, flirty start.

Between The Sheets Cocktail
Between the Sheets: Light and citrusy flavors contribute to this fresh and sexy drink. (1oz cognac, 1oz triple sec, 1oz light run, .25oz fresh lemon juice and a lemon or orange peel garnish, add all but peel to a shaker, shake and serve)

Last-Minute Love Potions
The Rose: Unlike a bouquet this Rose comes without thorns or a week long lifespan. (2oz French dry vermouth, 1oz cherry brandy, 1tsp raspberry syrup, garnish with maraschino cherry, add all but cherry to a shaker, shake and pour)

The Dove Cocktail recipe
The Dove:  Let your love fly to new heights with this unlikely Valentine's Day tequila based drink. (.75oz tequila blanco, .75oz Grand Marnier, .5ox fresh lemon juice, 1oz grapefruit juice, 1 dash orange bitters, champagne to top)

Stolen Kiss: Drink enough of these and stealing a kiss will be easy as pie! (1.5oz gin, 1.5oz green chartreuse, 1tsp simple syrup, 1 egg white, add to shaker, shake and pour)

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