Thursday, January 19, 2012

Paula Deen Diabetes

One of Food Network's most prominent, down-home chefs is undergoing major scrutiny this week after the announcement that she has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the culinary habits of Ms. Paula Deen, the majority of her recipes revolve around two ingredients: butter and sugar. Paula's never been one to cut corners or calories in her recipes which, it could be argued, is part of her charm.

Despite Paula's undeniable popularity on the Food Network, it seems she and her dishes are under the microscope, being accused of pedaling heart disease, cholesterol and unhealthy eating habits. While we at Yumology agree that Paula's recipes are not for the calorie conscious we also believe in the power of free will. You cannot blame Paula Deen for making America unhealthy anymore than you can blame fast food. People choose what they eat and what they cook. Paula never branded herself the queen of whole-grain goodness, and if home chefs choose not to make healthy substitutions to Paula's recipes or avoid them altogether they only have themselves to blame.

As for the criticism Paula has faced for speaking out about her disease and becoming the spokesperson for a new diabetic drug called Victoza, we salute her willingness to be so open and public about a very real and rampant disease. We realize this decision flies in the face of everything she has previously stood for, but in this day and age that makes her a hero, not a heretic. She's wearing her scarlet letter for the entire world to see, and instead of hiding behind her extremely successful Lady & Sons brand, she's openly admitting that her eating habits have contributed to her current condition. If only all conspirators and companies were as honest about their mistakes.

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  1. I was formerly a loyal fan to Mrs.Deen, and I will tell you why everyone is up in arms over this. Mrs.Deen for a period of over ten years has been perpetuating the most unhealthy lifestyle and cooking techniques onto all of America. She owns several restaurants, a store front, published several cook books, and has a variety of non-stop television shows and appearances that always perpetuate unhealthy eating.

    In addition to this she missed a great opportunity to help individuals with this disease over the past three years she has known her diagnosis. She only became honest with us when she had to due to the multimillion dollar deal she signed with a diabetes drug maker. Over those past three years she could have changed the trajectory of her show, came out with a diabetic cook book or recipes for those battling obesity, hypertension, heart issues, or diabetes, (which most americans battle at least one of those issues) and instead shes been deep frying turkey,cheesecake and putting a double bacon cheeseburger between two glazed donuts.

    I watched her show regularly and never once heard her preach moderation, I also feel that no one is going to cook one of her large calorie laden, sugar and butter filled recipes only to have a forkful. Like she has recommended in her most recent appearances.

    Even if you only ate one of her recipes each week (in moderation as she would say) You would still be increasing your risk to a multitude of diseases due to the fact that the portion size, calorie content, sugar, butter, and other products are usually way outside of recommended dosages.

    For more information about the entire controversy check out