Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Being pregnant, there's not much fun this Yumologist can have at cocktail hour lately...or is there?! While the wine, beer, booze and other libations may currently be off-limits, I've discovered a new way to dress up my wine glass so I can unwind and partake in the hour of fanciful fizzies.

So simple, healthy, delicious and sophisticated, this thirst quenching beverage is an ideal way to ditch the calories and the alcohol.

2 cups of sparkling water
1/2 cup of defrosted forzen fruits of your choosing (our favorites have been blueberries lately)
1 lemon or lime wedge depending upon your flavor choices (lime goes great with defrosted cherries, lemon with blueberries)
2 cups ice

  • Add 1 cup ice to the bottom of the glass, add the thawed frozen fruit (be sure to include the juices)
  • Top with another cup of ice
  • Pour the sparkling water over the top and squeeze lemon or lime wedge into drink.
  • Stir well, sip and enjoy!

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