Monday, January 30, 2012

We know, we know, the words healthy and bacon should never co-exist in the same sentence let alone an endorsement for a great product our Yumologists have learned they can no longer live without - hear us out on this one...

Using state-of-the-art foodie technology, those clever Yumologists over at Hormel have devised a way to make cooking bacon a much more enjoyable experience. No more grease, no more drippings, no more dishes or stove tops to clean up afterwards. Sounds too good to be true right?

The trick, my yummy friends, is in the packaging. Each portion of bacon (4 slices) comes wrapped in a microwave safe plastic wrap that includes an absorbant base. The base is able to soak up the excess grease from the bacon as the plastic wrap expands and steam cooks each strip to crispy perfection. This means that in three minutes or less you can have perfectly cooked bacon ready for your breakfast table, BLT, chili, toppings, etc. with absolutely no clean up!

The downside is that this bacon is typically priced higher than traditional bacon, but the health benefits of less grease and the time saved in preparation and clean up make it well worth the extra buck or two.



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