Tuesday, September 13, 2011

America's Finest City absolutely lives up to its name. The weather, beaches, scenery, nightlife, activities and food are all perfect in sunny San Diego, but one menu item tops all the rest.

After spending four days amongst the tan, toned surfers of Mission and Pacific Beach, this Yumologist decided to feed her hunger pains with America's Finest Burritos. Listed below are a few on San Diego's best beach burritos:

Santana's (FRSH MXN FOOD)
Located caddy corner to Mission Beach's famous Belmont Park and the Giant Dipper roller coaster lies the city's best kept burrito secret. Santana's has been feeding hungry college students for years. Open 24 hours, it's the best place in town to find a late night fix. Santana's has recently undergone a rebranding and is now advertised as FRSH MXN FOOD, but don't be fooled, their famous 1 lb. California burrito is the same honest-to-goodness torpedo of deliciousness that you'll remember from those days of late night partying...er...studying.

Roberto's Taco Shop
You'd think being right across the street from Santana's Mission Beach shop would be a bad thing for a burrito competitor, but Roberto's holds their own. Best known for their Carne Asada and Guacamole burritos, Roberto's was working this corner long before Santana's showed up. Although there seems to be somewhat of a turf war, each location has their staple dish, and die-hard fans of each establishment are ready to do battle for their favorite burrito.

So what are you waiting for?! Grab your board and head out to the greatest city in America! Sun, surf and burritos, what more could a hungry Yumologist ask for?



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