Thursday, September 22, 2011

We all know that certain warnings come with certain medications. You might want to get rid of that unsightly bald spot, but you'll have to consider the consequences that could follow.  Apparently the same goes for certain foods. We Yumologists tend to obliviously go about enjoying our meals without a care in the world, that is until something strange and unexpected makes us reconsider those beets we had on our salad or the asparagus we ordered with dinner.  Below is a list of certain foods and the unpleasant side-effects that they can often cause:

Beans - "Beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot!" The jingle exists for a reason folks and beans do indeed cause flatulence. The reason? Beans house oligosaccharides sugars that can only be digested by the bacteria in our gut. When the bacteria feast on these sugars, they break them down into gases that eventually need to be released from the body the quickest way possible.

Coffee - Not only does coffee stimulate your brain but your organs as well, that's why, after your morning coffee break you may feel the sudden urge to run to the bathroom. Both Number One and Number Two can be stimulated through drinking too much coffee, especially before breakfast on an empty stomach.

Asparagus - While this green vegetable is rich in vitamins and other healthy nutrients it also houses sulfur-containing amino acids that, when broken down in your body can make your urine smell of rotten eggs. Skunks actually suffer from the same gastrointestinal problems with the food they survive off of.

Beets - Not the most popular vegetable on the menu, but certainly the most colorful, chefs will often add beets to a salad or dish to give it a splash of color. Be warned that color makes a different kind of splash after eating too many of these deep red veggies. People who eat too many beets are often surprised when their urine takes on the same color soon afterwards.

Onions - Tears of joy? Tears of sorrow? Tears of an uncontrollable enzymatic breakdown? The truth is that chopping onions makes people cry because of the enzymes that are forced to break down once the onion is cut open. These enzymes then create fumes, or a sulfur-heavy gas, that causes our eyes to tear.

Grapefruit - While the side effects of eating grapefruit may not be as obvious as some of the others listed above, they can certainly be the most hazardous. The nutrients found in grapefruit can sometimes interfere with the body's ability to properly breakdown certain prescription medications that lower blood pressure and cholesterol. When these meds are not digested and absorbed correctly they can lead to a harmful buildup of chemical waste that has not been excreted properly.

We're certainly not suggesting that you steer-clear of these typically nutritious fruits and veggies, but we do believe you should know what their hidden side effects may include.

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