Thursday, September 22, 2011


The State of Indiana has taken it upon themselves to crack down on unsanitary conditions within the food transport industry. This summer troopers along Indiana highways found numerous cases of food that was being transported to grocery stores and restaurants in unrefrigerated trucks. This means that the meats, fish, dairy products, vegetables and fruits that were packaged for delivery were in danger of being contaminated with hazardous food borne illnesses that are bred in unsafe conditions.

Even trucks with refrigeration units built into them were pulled over for not having those units turned on. When troopers inspected the cargo hold they used thermometers to determine if the truck was in danger of being contaminated. More often than not, trucks were transporting food in a cargo hold that was 65 degrees or higher. The food and drug administration requires that food be refrigerated at 40 degrees or lower in order to be protected against bacterial infection.

The FDA appreciates the steps the State of Indiana has taken to ensure sanitary food delivery, but they need the government to go further and mandate safe food transportation laws that apply nationwide. With any luck these mandates will be able to cut down on the number of contaminated food outbreaks that are happening more regularly.

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