Friday, September 23, 2011

Woman on Top stars Penelope Cruz as Isabella, a talented Brazilian chef who owns a seaside restaurant with her husband, Toninho, played by Murilo Benicio. Isabella is an excellent chef and her husband's restaurant flourishes because of her creations. But while things may be going well in the kitchen, things at home are quite different. Isabella suffers from extreme motion sickness and as a result has to be the one to drive, has to take the stairs instead of the elevator and has to be on top during sex. Toninho finds Isabella's motion sickness demands emasculating, and he has an affair with a neighbor to make himself feel like a man again.

Distraught by Toninho's betrayal, Isabella travels to San Francisco and moves in with her transgendered, childhood friend Monica, played by Harold Perrineau. After several unfulfilling jobs, Isabella's neighbor, Cliff, played by Mark Feurstein, offers her a role in Passion Food, her very own TV cooking show.

Isabella soon becomes the talk of the town and many men are obsessed with her. Back in Brazil, however, Toninho's restaurant is suffering and he sets out to bring Isabella home. Isabella had asked the gods to prevent her from falling in love with Toninho again, but Toninho had created a prayer of his own, and soon Isabella is no longer able to cook. It is only after a life-threatening journey out to sea to appease the gods that Isabella's talent is returned, and Isabella and Toninho return to Brazil to revitalize their restaurant together.



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