Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's not often that food is used in fashion, more likely fashion is used in food, whereby a dish is dressed up or decorated to resemble an iconic piece of fashion nostalgia, but not today. Today the opposite reigns true as designer Alexander Wang teams up with Starbucks to celebrate the coffee company's 40th anniversary through commemorative, coffee stained T-shirts.

That's right. While most people attempt to avoid coffee stains on white clothing, Alexander Wang has embraced this morning mishap and turned it into an $85.00 fashion statement. The coffee stains are strategically placed to accentuate certain lines, and the Starbucks mermaid is hidden within the caffeinated patterns.

We ask you, fellow Yumologists, how do you feel about this food-fashion-fusion? Will you now take it upon yourselves to recreate a macchiato masterpiece upon your next visit to Starbucks?

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