Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Yumologists came across this gem of movie while flipping through channels searching for culinary inspiration. Waitress stars Keri Russell as Jenna, an unhappily married pregnant waitress who falls in love with her new-in-town gynecologist, Dr. Jim Pomatter, played by Nathan Fillion.

Jenna's pies are at the forefront of the story. She is waitress in Joe's Pie Diner and invents numerous pie recipes that represent an event from her life.

As the movie progresses Jenna learns to love her baby and after the birth of Lulu, her daughter, leaves her abusive husband and ends the affair with her obstatrician.  Joe, the owner of the diner in which Jenna works, dies and leaves Jenna an inheritance that allows her to take over the diner, rename it Lulu's Pies, and serve bright and happy pies that help Jenna start her life anew.

Here's a taste of Waitress:



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