Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This morning our Yumologists opted for a less traditional breakfast and grabbed two bowls of Mott's strawberry flavored applesauce to eat on the go. We were pleasantly surprised by the results; not only was the traditional applesauce texture and flavor detectable in these little bowls of joy, but the addition of the strawberry flavor actually gave us an unexpected jolt.

Applesauce has often been used as a nutrient-filled snack for people on liquid diets, babies and patients recovering from surgery. Its mild nature allows almost any system to digest the product easily without fear of choking or causing internal harm.

Mott's applesauce bowls are the equivalent to one serving of fruit per day, the strawberry flavor does not qualify as a two-in-one fruit serving although we appreciate your quick math skills!

While we enjoyed Mott's flavored applesauce we realize traditionalists out there might disagree and opt for the simple joys of applesauce a la carte. We'd be curious to hear which you, our fellow Yumologists, prefer?



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