Friday, July 8, 2011

After a fabulous dinner at Beauty & Essex what else can you do but head to the best low-key, beatnik bar on the Lower East Side and wash it all down with a delicious glass of British Pims. Bua is an amazing place to relax with friends and listen to artists, musicians, students, philosophers and entrepreneurs exchange ideas over sophisticated glass of libations.

People watch from a bench on the front porch, or tuck yourself into a booth towards the back. No matter where you sit and what you drink you're guaranteed to leave feeling inspired to cast your fears aside and pursue your most outlandish dreams.

Of course in order to pursue your wildest dreams you're going to need a late night energy boost. That's where Crif Dogs comes in. Strategically located across the street from Bua, Crif Dogs is a late night mecca for hungry Lower East Siders in the wee small hours of the morning.

With dozens of Crif Dogs to choose from you may find yourself opting for more than one., which is why this is the perfect place for a hungry New Yorker on a budget. Modestly priced but heavily flavored Crif Dogs is one of the New York City's hidden gems.



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