Friday, July 29, 2011

Like Water for Chocolate is a beautiful story about the forbidden passion between a youngest daughter, Tita, and the neighboring boy, Pedro. As the youngest daughter Tita is responsible for taking care of her mother, and is not allowed to marry or fall in love. Since their relationship is doomed Pedro agrees to marry Tita's older sister Rosaura in an effort to remain close to Tita.

Since Tita's primary duties are to take care of her mother, the ranch, cook and clean, Tita soon finds that she has the power to infuse her emotions into her cooking. The intense passion she feels for Pedro is an inadvertent ingredient to many of her dishes, and Tita often sets the ranch ablaze with inexplicable antics.

Tita spends most of her life abused by her mother, but when her mother passes and her sister follows, Tita and Pedro finally consummate their passion for one another. In the end Pedro's insides catch fire from the heat of their love making and Tita consumer matches and candles in order to join her love in death. The entire ranch is burned to the ground after this episode and the only item that survives is Tita's cookbook, complete with the love story of her and Pedro.

While the film is excellent, the book is phenomenal. Like Water for Chocolate begins each of its 12 monthly chapters with a recipe from Tita's cookbook; recipes that will undoubtedly stir emotions in everyone who enjoys them.

Here's a taste of Like Water for Chocolate:



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