Friday, July 22, 2011

As the title of the film suggests, eating is one of our natural passionate instincts. It defines who we are. It gives us nourishment, purpose and fosters creativity within us. Knowing this, it's obvious why this true story by author Liz Gilbert has inspired so many women in crisis to expand their horizons by abandoning their inhibitions and embracing their most exhilarating fantasies, especially when it comes to food.

New York author, Liz Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts, decides to reinvent herself after a messy divorce and even messier rebound romance with a younger man. She decides to spend a year abroad expanding her horizons in three very important areas, the first of which is food. Liz travels to Italy, the best place on earth to realize the beauty in cooking, eating and enjoying life's pleasures. In Italy Liz forges many friendships over glasses of vino and never-ending meals of pasta, pizza, prosciutto and more. She remembers what it's like to enjoy life in larger jeans and allows herself to indulge in the beautiful flavors of Roma.

Of course Liz's journey takes a significant twist when she travels from the extravagance of Rome to the poverty stricken ashrams of India seeking enlightenment. Liz then ends her journey finding herself and learning how to love again in Bali when she meets Felipe, played by Javier Bardem.

While this entire film is indeed inspiring, it's the Italian journey that stirs our Yumologists the most. So sit back with a bottle of wine, a fresh bowl of pasta, and enjoy the beauty of Eat Pray Love.

Here's a taste of Eat Pray Love:



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