Friday, June 3, 2011

While our Yumologists are looking forward to a weekend on the lake, we're pondering which beers to stock the cooler with this summer. A typical summer beer is light, fruity and refreshing. Below are a few of our favorites that we'll be sure to pack:

Leinenkugel's Shandy
A traditional shandy is two parts beer, one part lemonade, and has been a British summertime favorite for years. The brilliant Yumologists at Leinenkugel have bottled this British beverage and brought it stateside for U.S. colonials to enjoy as they bask in the summer sun. With the stong, sweet lemon flavor this beer is guaranteed to beat the heat.

Bud Light Lime
Branching out from their traditional King of Beers brew, the team at Budweiser has found that Bud Light Lime has quickly become a U.S. summertime favorite. Found at nearly every backyard BBQ, the strong lime flavor of Bud Light Lime is the perfect accompaniment to burgers and brats.

Pete's Wicked Ale Strawberry Blonde
Pete's has been pushing the beer boundaries for years and a favorite in our fridge is the Strawberry Blonde. Sweet and sassy, this beer almost serves as dessert in a bottle. Perfect for summer picnics.

Blue Moon
Tried and true, Blue Moon is available year round with an orange wedge at nearly every bar everywhere. The award-winning orange flavor keeps customers wanting more, and this is one brew that's cool and refreshing in the summer, and warm and comforting in the winter. A truly diverse pint.


Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier and Cherry Wheat
Both of these brews from our favorite colonial forefather have a fabulous, fruity flavor that is guaranteed to satisfy every red-blooded American patriot. Neither one are easy to find at a bar, you're best bet is to search the shleves of your local liquor store or grocery store during the summer months. If you like them we advise you stock up, they disappear fast!

Brews - The Sea Dog Apricot Wheat
Staying true to their wacky roots, Brews - The Sea Dog has come up with yet another fruity combination of flavors to infuse into their award-winning beer. We were huge fans of the Blueberry Ale and we look forward to trying this newest addition to the Brews family.

Wachusett Brewing Co. Blueberry
While we've lost Brews-The Sea Dog's Blueberry beer, we're happy to realize that Wachusett Brewing Co. has taken up the flavor and created their own bottled masterpiece. The blueberry in Wachsett is not as strong as it was in Brews, but it's still enough to satisfy your fruit craving and make this a delicious drink.

So grab your gear and get outside! These pints make beating the heat a real treat!

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