Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not a holiday that you'll find on your desk calendar but one we here at Yumology celebrate nonetheless. Tapioca is a fascinating starch that is most famous for the role it plays in puddings. Tapioca pudding is an American favorite and is often flavored with honey, fruit or chocolate.

Aside from pudding Tapioca comes in many shapes and sizes. Boba, often found in Japanese Boba Tea is otherwise known as pearl tapioca and is popular in many Asian and Indian cuisines.

People in Ghana enjoy Tapioca for breakfast as an alternative to the harder to come by cereal. Many South American and Latin American cultures refine Tapioca and integrate it as a flour into cooking tortillas, flatbreads and other baked goods.

Tapioca has even been used to replace plastic and create biodegradable grocery bags.

So the next time you open that tub of Tapioca  take a moment to reflect on its rich history and appreciate the diversity of this fabulous food!

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