Friday, June 24, 2011

It's the movie that made Tom Cruise a star. One half-naked slide across his living room floor and every girl in the world was hooked. Aside from Mr. Cruise's au natural antics, Cocktail is a movie about ambition, drama, love and betrayal, all the elements you'd expect to find at your local watering hole.

Tom Cruise plays Brian Flanagan, a business student who hopes to one day work in marketing. Brian pays his way through school by working as a bartender alongside his mentor Doug (Brian Brown), a seasoned New York bartender who teaches Brian how to mix drinks with flare.

Brian and Doug's relationship takes many turns, and after a rough marriage to an unfaithful wife Doug ends up committing suicide. Brian begins to put his life in perspective and after betraying her trust once, end up winning the heart of Jordan (Elizabeth Shue). They get married, have twins and fulfill Brian and Doug's dream of opening the bar "Flanagan's Cocktails and Dream."

Our Yumologists love to enjoy Cocktail with friends and attempt to perform the same tricks of the trade that made Brian and Doug famous. Give it a try yourself, just make sure you have plenty of towels handy!



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