Thursday, June 2, 2011

If you've been watching the news lately chances are you've heard about the terrible strain of E-Coli that is wreaking havoc on European produce in Germany and the surrounding areas. This particular strain is resistant to the traditional treatments and medicines that typically have stopped past outbreaks in their tracks.

It's scary to think of how bacteria has evolved over the years, what that means for food and the DNA that makes up our menus. As food grows bigger, stronger and faster we have to ask ourselves, has our technology also created bigger, stronger and faster bacteria? This new strand of food-poisoning, killer bacteria makes our Yumologists believe so.

This current outbreak of E-Coli poisoning is believed to be found in European tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. Other countries have put a ban on importing European vegetables until the origin of the bactieria can be determined. For now the homegrown veggies here in the U.S. seem to be safe so do yourself a favor and SHOP LOCAL and ORGANIC! Your kidneys will thank you for it.

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