Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We love discovering new ways to play with our food, and when playtime leads to cosmetic enhancements we're even more amazed. The idea that coffee grounds could combat stubborn cellulite seemed too good to be true, but the fact remains that the active ingredient in most cellulite reducing creams is caffeine. This being the case our Yumologists decided to bypass the expensive bottled products and go straight to the source.

We removed our morning coffee grounds from our coffee pot and put them in a bowl to cool slightly. We then added a 1/2 cup of olive oil - another ingredient said to have numerous health and beauty benefits - and mixed the two together to form a paste.

Now comes the fun part. Lay an old towel on the bathroom floor and proceed to lather the coffee/olive oil mixture onto your trouble areas. Wrap each area with saran wrap to hold in the mixture after it has been applied. Wait 30-45 mins before removing the mixture and shower with warm water.

Not only will the caffeine in the coffee combat your cellulite but the grounds themselves act as a natural exfoliator. Your skin should feel soft and smooth after doing this treatment twice a week for at least six weeks.

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