Monday, May 23, 2011

We realize it's not officially summer quite yet, but we thought you'd like a jump on a few of our Yumologists' favorite summer cocktail recipes. These drinks not only look beautful when placed in glass pitchers, but they freshen your mind, body and soul while lightening your weekday work load.

Strawberry Mint Sangria

8 fresh strawberries (diced)
1 handfull of fresh mint leaves
1 bottle of mild white wine (Chardonnay is recommended)
2 cups of lemonade

Combine all of the ingredients into a glass pitcher and let sit for one hour before serving.

Peach Creamsicles

1 bottle of orange soda
1 shot of vanilla vodka
3 peach slices

Combine all in a glass or fill a pitcher by multiplying the recipe. The flavors will take you back to your childhood.

Acai Sparklers

1 bottle of acai juice
1 bottle of champagne
3 shots of lemon flavored vodka

Combine all in a pitcher and serve immediately over ice.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

1 cup of crushed ice
1 cup of chocolate milk
1 packet of hot chocolate mix
1/4 cup of Kahlua

Mix the chocolate milk and Kahlua together in a pitcher. Add crushed ice to a glass and pour chocolate milk/Kahlua mix over ice. Sprinkle hot chocolate mix on top as garnish.

Long Island Iced Tea

1 shot of vodka
1 shot of gin
1 shot of tequila
1 shot of rum
1 shot of triple sec
1/2 cup of Coca Cola

Add each of the alcholic ingredients to a cocktail shaker, mix together and pour over ice and cola in a glass. Serve with a lemon slice.

Our Yumologists could go on and on but we're a little woozy from all the testing these recipes involved. Time for an afternoon siesta - hangover cure recipes undoubtedly will follow!

What's your favorite summer cocktail?

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