Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Every once in a while our Yumologists come accross a recipe, a product or a research study that makes us stop and think, "Who comes up with this stuff?" Today, though we've encountered a fellow foodie whose unorthodox recipes walk the line between culinary insanity and gastronomical genius.

Epic Meal Time is a website completely devoted to making your childhood, fast-food, cooking dreams a bacon-wrapped reality. These guys take the fry-burger to a whole new level! Whether they're deep frying a mac n' cheese cake stuffed with meatloaf, and potatoes; creating a lasagne from a number six combo; or rolling sushi with Chicken McNuggets, coleslaw, french fries and Big Macs - the meals created from Epic Meal Time are guaranteed to make you go "Hmm...".
Food artists or food arsonists, we leave that decision up to you. Witness the mayhem for yourself at:



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