Monday, April 4, 2011

For decades now, scientists and Yumologists alike have been researching alternative fuel methods to help ease increasing gas prices and toxic fumes that wreak havoc on our pocket books and ozone layer. A few solutions have arisen around electricity, solar power and biodegradable fuel products like corn and even sunflower oil.

Current studies suggest that crude sunflower oil could be processed into a biodiesel power source. Biodiesel can be produced from any fat or oil such as sunflower oil, soybean oil, canola oil, palm oil, tallow to name a few through a refinery process called transesterification. It is recommended that the sunflower oil be refined and de-waxed before blending it with diesel fuel.

Sunflower is a high oil content seed and average yields can produce 600 pounds of oil per acre, considerably more than soybeans. There is a great deal of interest from local areas for construction of small processing facilities for sunflower biodiesel production. It is most important that processing equipment be analyzed very carefully for small ‘press' only facilities. In most cases a portion of the oil is left in the by-product meal thereby reducing economic efficiency.

Just as sunflower seeds have the ability to boost your energy, so too can they improve the health and wellness of our planet. Hooray for Sunflower Power!

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