Friday, April 15, 2011

Big Night is a beautiful story about two Italian brothers struggling to get Americans to understand the artistry behind their food. Stanley Tucci plays Secondo, the younger brother in charge of making the restaurant's business decisions. Tony Shaloub plays Primo, the older brother who is committed to the artistry of his food.

This tale of brotherly love will have you cheering on the main characters while laughing yourself off your barstool, with a supporting cast like Minnie Driver, Isabella Rosallini and Iam Holm.

As always our Yumologists recommend preparing a hearty Italian dish to satisfy your tastbuds as you watch the culinary madness unfold. For Big Night we suggest the following Cecca pasta recipe.


1 box of ditallini pasta
2 fresh roma tomatoes
1 fresh mozarella ball
1 bunch of fresh basil
1 lemon
1 cup of olive oil
Salt & Pepper to taste

  • Cook the pasta in salted water until al dente.
  • Chop the roma tomatoes, fresh mozarella and basil leaves into equal, bite sized chunks.
  • Half the lemon and sqeeze the lemon juice over the cheese and vegetable mix, add salt & pepper to taste.
  • Pour the olive oil over the drained pasta, then add the vegetable and cheese mix.
Yumology's Cecca is simple, fresh and savory, just as Primo would have intended.

Buon Appetito!

Here's a taste of Big Night:



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