Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let's face it some Yumologists are busier than others, and while we'd all love to spend our Thursday afternoons in the kitchen perfecting our fois gras recipe time just won't allow us to do so. But what is a working Yumologist to do for a healthy, delicious lunch? We recommend Wendy's Garden Sensations salads.

After a long three weeks of eating nothing but fast food salads our Yumologists discovered that Wendy's salads not only offered a gourmet pizzaz with their blue cheese, walnuts, tortilla strips, fresh fruit and fresh veggie options, but a wide variety of dressings as well, from Avacado Ranch to Red Jalapeno.

The BLT Cobb and Spicy Chicken Caesar were most popular amongst our panel, but regardless of which salad you choose, you're sure to leave Wendy's feeling healthy and satisfied by these low-carb, low-fat, highly delicious lunches that wont break the bank!

For nutrition facts on Wendy's salads visit:

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