Friday, March 18, 2011

YUMOLOGIST WARNING: Do not watch Chocolat on an empty stomach: side effects may include, dizziness, uncontrollable drooling, heart palpitations and severe hunger pains. It's true, this quaint tale of a French chocolaterie fighting to stay alive in a time of prudence and submission will have your taste buds going cuckoo for cocoa.

Vienne Rocher, played by Juliette Binoche, is a single mother with mystical family ties to cocoa. Her recipes are often the source of inexplicable inspirations and cures that all of a sudden find small town inhabitants casting aside their morality for delicious morsels of indulgence.  Vienne finds herself met by opposition from the town's mayor and local church, but she is soon befriended by locals and gypsy caravan led by the deliscious Johnny Depp. Vienne helps each charater understand that life is not about exclusivity and deprivation, but about sharing and celebration.

So this Friday evening pour yourself a hot cup of cocoa, sit back with your favorite French truffles and indulge in the sweet story of Chocolat.

Here's a taste of Chocolat:

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