Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We here at Yumology like to think of ourselves as friends of the fruit, pals to produce, amigos de los apples, and the latest product to come from Del Monte has us questioning if the formerly fruit friendly company feels the same way.

Del Monte has chosen to individually sell and wrap bananas in plastic bags, a technique undoubtedly introduced as a way of increasing revenue for the company - why charge for six bananas that come in a naturally pre-packed bunch, when you can charge for each one individually and hike the price?

Tsk, tsk Del Monte, don't you know that bananas are one of mother nature's purest and most perfect products. They require very little effort to mass produce and save thousands of pounds of plastic by being safely stored inside their own biodegradable peels. Individually selling them in plastic bags not only creates unnecessary waste, but shortens the lifespan of the product itself.

Yumologists recommend sticking with what works and buying your bananas by the bunch!



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