Thursday, March 10, 2011

Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself just how much your favorite yummy snacks add up to? And if you were to sacrifice a portion of those yummy snacks each day, week or month, how much money would you save, and what could you put it towards?

We Feedback, was recently launched by the United Nations as a program designed to battle world hunger through the power of social media. The site asks members to log on, chose their favorite food and the enter how many servings they typically eat in one sitting over a designated period of time. The calculator then determines how the money put towards your favorite foods can be broken down into a one-time donation that will feed tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people in need.

Yumology plans to take time out today and appreciate the deliciousness of our life by donating the funds from our yummy snacks to those who deserve to share in our love of food.

Please visit and support this fantastic cause.

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