Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hatch Green Chile
My affinity for this next product comes from years of growing up in New Mexico. As a Yumologist New Mexico exposed me to many earthy sites, smells and flavors at an early age. I spent my youth eating tamales, sopapillas, enchiladas, and flirting with cumin, chili power and peppers in everything I cooked. But as any true New Mexican will tell you, no matter the dish, everything is better with Green Chili.

One fresh, medium sized Green Chili is equivalent to the Vitamin C in six oranges. Chilis are a good source of most B vitamins and are very high in potassium, magnesium and iron.  Green Chili is extremely low in fat and contains no cholesterol, boosting heart health.  The capsaicin in chili aids the body in processing cholesterol and fat by helping to reduce fatty deposits in the arteries. Capsaicin also enhances circulation, which reduces blood pressure.  Chili also speeds up a body’s metabolic rate triggering a body to burn calories—a major factor in weight reduction. The capsaicinoids from chilie peppers are used in muscle rubs for sore muscles and arthritis.  The Pueblo Indians and early Spanish colonists prized chilie as an herbal medicine, a food preservative, and a disinfectant for wounds.
(From:  http://www.greenchileco.com/nutrition-and-health/)

I consider myself extremely lucky to have been weaned on this food from an early age. I encourage all of you to consider a spoonful of Green on your next omelet, pizza, burger, soup even ice cream and hot chocolate - trust me, you'll be glad you added some spice to your life!

Tell us your favorite NM story or Green Chil recipe.

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