Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chances are if you ask five different people "Which is healthier FroYo or Ice Cream?" - you'll get five different answers. This battle of the blasts has been going on for centuries. Some experts will argue that while FroYo has less fat than Ice Cream it can often contain more sugar and sometimes a GREATER amount of calories! Say it isn't so FroYo!

In order to get to the bottom of this dietary misapprehension that so many of us have been blissfully indulging under, our Yumologists decided to do their research and uncover the real deal with FroYo v. Ice Cream.

While both Ice Cream and FroYo are considered dairy products, and each have equal amounts of sugar, the difference lies in their production. The one factor that puts FroYo over the top in terms of health benefits is that the Probiotics found in yogurt provide a significant boost to the immune system that typical ice cream does not.

So despite the fact that many people have been indulging in FroYo in the hopes that it will slim their waistlines, the truth is that the benefits of FroYo are not found through weight-loss but through healthy gain.

What's your take on this debate?

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